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This. This is my motivation for studying next academic year.


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Who cares about wingardium leviosa when you can have rainbows and sparkles?

Who cares about wingardium leviosa when you can have rainbows and sparkles?

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Satan’s Bill Cipher’s Gravity Falls Theme

So my mp3 player sometimes does “a thing” and mutate given song into something usually unlistenable. But not today.

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Thanks to tumblr user blackboardmonitor's Sybil Ramkin spam I realized that according to at least 50% of Discworld fanartist being a “big girl” means - be slightly chubby or just a little bit taller.
My Sybil is not perfect, I am not really good in drawing big girls but I tried.

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food should be free. water should be free. housing should be free. power, fuel, electricity should be free. basic necessities should be free.

the idea of “people should have to work for a living” carries the implication that some people deserve to die

Do you really think that someone should be able to sit around and not do anything while they have everything they need handed to them? For their entire life?

^Honestly, yes. We have the resources and ability to provide for everyone living on this planet, so why shouldn’t we? To choose to let someone die an easily preventable death is not only cruel but evil. Very few people in this world /want/ to do nothing all the time forever. It’s very boring. Often times it’s a lack of opportunity that is the root cause.

Things like water, food, power, electricity, and shelter don’t just drop out of the sky. People have to work in order to actually erect shelter and get water from point A to point B. There are already people in the world that work fields upon fields of produce, yet never actually get to eat it themselves because it’s sent to (you guessed it) the US. To say that we have the resources could be accurate, I suppose, but it would mean that one person would be exploiting others in order to live a comfortable life, even more so than the US and other countries already do. I’m guilty and so are you.

It’s not like we don’t take care of people who are actually unable to work. That’s one thing. But if someone just… doesn’t feel like it, then why should we let them take advantage of others’ hard work. Especially for fuel, electricity, and power, which are actually luxuries, not necessities.

Not to mention the fact people do not get bored and go to work. Why should they go and work all day when they can just sit and watch telly? Also why should I go and work in a farm all day when there are people in a city who are just sitting there and eating my food. For free.

This is actually pretty serious problem in states where are social welfare paymenst to unemployed people bigger than minimal wages. Why should they go and work when state gives them everything for free? They just stay home which is not very healthy. Individuals who are longer unemployed tend to have several mental illnesses, in society it can cause growth of xenophobia and in general slow down of economy.

Resources?! What the fuck. We do not have anything. We are just stealing from our kids.

You know what? We already tried socialism.

It didn’t work.

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An Indian version of The Golden Compass by Assaf Horowitz, via Character Design Page.

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OMFG I have to post some art for printing and they won’t let me talk with person who will be adjusting it for it?! Like they don’t even want me to post it in pdf format. Jpeg is fine. FINE! How could be something like that fine for printing. They will ruin the colours. I know it. They will. And then we will have  100+ Discworld calendars with awful September and October and maybe cover and May. Fuck. I thought this will be fun. Drawing part was fun. Now some fucking idiot will ruin it. Fuck. They are not paying me enough T.T.

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Right now I am following lots of linguistic blogs and I love it. I have even seen a few czech related posts. Regrettably, every one of them had some grammatic or other mistake.

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